Part threnody, part celebration of friendship, these poems reflect on shared joys and sorrows. They invite you to join the rites of passage undertaken in the face of mortality, and interrogate the place for hope and healing in the hereafter.


Hannah Stone holds an MA in Creative Writing from Leeds Trinity University, and has published a number of poetry books and collaborations. She recently won first prize in the David Oluwale Memorial Association Writing Competition. She lives in Leeds, where she comperes ‘Wordspace’ open mic, convenes the Poets-Composers Forum for the Leeds Lieder Festival, and enjoys freelance work as poet-theologian for Leeds Church Institute. She edits Dream Catcher literary journal and collaborates with composer Matthew Oglesby. In February 2023, her poem ‘Second Sleep’ was selected by Carol Rumens as Guardian Poem of the Week.

ISBN 978-1-912876-82-2
52 pages
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How to confront in love the mortal sickness of your beloved? How when outrageous death slams into life does love endure? Each poem seems the outcome of a lengthy winnowing of the chaff of grief. Suffering is encountered viscerally; compassion does not shirk the test but stares wide-eyed. These are sharply chiselled flints struck from the rock face of pain.
~ Joyce Simpson

This collection is stark and unflinching, sometimes uncomfortable to read. However, this is its strength, as we are changed by reading Stone's powerful poems.
~ Edwin Stockdale

Hannah Stone

The Invisible Worm